2019 Boat Show Entries

Antique Runabout 21' & Over

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1937 Chris Craft Custom - 'Sanibel'
Owner: Chris Millard
Home Port: Carlinville, IL

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1925 Dodge Watercar Model 822 - '"DAZZLE"'
Owner: Mike Favilla

This boat was discovered by Canadian restorer Jim Potter around 1988 near Orillia, Ontario, Georgian Bay. She had been owned by "Captain George" at Honey Harbor on Severn Sound. The boat had no engine, but with twin exhaust ports Jim knew she was a Model 822 which would have had the Curtiss OX-5! Interestingly, the Dodge family had an estate on Manitoulin Island, very near Honey Harbor, and a rumor still exists that this may have been a Dodge family boat! In the early '90s the boat was purchased from Mr Potter by Lindsey Hopkins III, of Atlanta, and restoration began. No epoxy, plywood lamination, fibreglass, only traditional construction methods. She has been repowered with a 350 V8-43 mph GPS! "Dazzle" was delivered to Mr Hopkins for the Mt Dora Show in 1994, which was the same period that Mike Favilla met Mr Hopkins and was his crew mate on the St Johns river trip. Since that time She has won Best of Show at Mt Dora and many other shows, most recently Best Antique Runabout(class) at the International Show in Muskoka 2009. Sadly, Mr Hopkins passed unexpectedly in 2004. His widow, Wanda, agreed to our purchase of 'Dazzle" one year later. Our family could not be more proud to own such a piece of history and share ownership with such individuals as Jim Potter and Lindsey Hopkins III.

Antique Runabout Under 21'

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1941 Chris Craft 105 Deluxe Runabout - 'Rumour'
Owner: David De Horn
Home Port: Glenview, IL

1941 Chris Craft 17ft. Deluxe Barrelback Runabout #71769 Owned by David and Claire De Horn RUMOUR was completed in Algonac, Michigan and shipped to Miami, Florida, on January 27, 1941 which coincidentally, was my father’s 1st birthday. The same day, the following RUMOUR was leaked: "The Peruvian minister has informed a member of my staff that he had heard from many sources, including a Japanese source, that, in the event of trouble breaking out between the United States and Japan, the Japanese intended to make a surprise attack against Pearl Harbor...." After hearing this RUMOUR, Joseph Clark Grew, US Ambassador to Japan wired the following warning to FDR and the US State Department on January 27, 1941: Telegram #125, 1/27/41 18:00 Tokyo, Japan to US State Department “My Peruvian colleague told a member of my staff that he had heard from many sources including a Japanese source that the Japanese military forces planned in the event of trouble with the United States, to attempt a surprise mass attack on Pearl Harbor using all their military facilities. Although the project seemed fantastic the fact that he had heard it from many sources prompted him to pass on the information.” We all know what happened less than 11 months later……..

Antique Utility


1948 Chris Craft Sportsman - 'Effie'
Owner: Thomas Whowell
Home Port: Fontana, WI

Same as last years. Please use last years photo. If an issue please let me know Thank you ED

Classic Cruiser

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1950 Chris Craft Custom Sedan - 'Snowcloud'
Owner: Danny Lyons
Home Port: Chicago, IL

Originally Built as Minnie for Dr. Spires from New York, this classic beauty spent most of it’s life in a boathouse in upstate New York. Now called Snowcloud, she was meticulously reworked and largely preserved in the 1990’s by the award-winning husband and wife pair Ted and Cindy Cartner. Last year she was awarded with the prestigious honor of Most Original Boat in the 2018 Show, an incredible award and a true testimate to the work of Ted and Cindy. In 2020 She will be relocating to Utah.

Classic Runabout Under 21'


1947 Century Sea Maid - 'Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah'
Owner: Gary Conger
Home Port: Oneida, Wi

Classic Utility 21' & Over

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1949 Chris Craft Sportsman - 'Sweetie'
Owner: Chris Fox
Home Port: Bonita Springs, FL

Classic Utility Under 21'

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1959 Century Resorter - 'Fifty Nine'
Owner: Jim Hayek
Home Port: Davenport, Ia

19' 1959 Century Resorter with the Gray Marine V8 225 AMC Block. 1959 CENTURY 19' RESORTER - in typical Century fashion they were always at the cutting edge of Boat Designs in the 1950's and 60's. Often following the automotive styling of the day they came up with some very interesting and sometimes controversial designs. The 1959 19 foot Resorters were one of those. Introduced in 1958 they broke traditional design with a very unique squared off bow which was often compared to the deck of an aircraft carrier!! That said the sales for the 19' Resorter were 170 boats in 1958 and then up to 180 in 1959 which was significantly more than the previous model it replaced..

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1957 Chris Craft Continental - 'Birchwood'
Owner: Karen Birch
Home Port: Barrington, IL

This boat was purchased new in February of 1957 by Karen's late parents, Robert and Maxine Birch, of Griggsville, IL. Her dad became a Chris Craft dealer in 1956 and Karen has his original franchise certificate. This boat is all original and Karen has the boat's original order form, invoice, service manuals, prop, fenders, hand spot light, ladder and water skies that her dad used. Her dad's captain hat sits so proudly on the boat's dash. Karen uses one of the original canvas boat covers that had never been used and was being stored in her dad's attic. This boat spent most of its time on the Illinois River in central Illinois where Karen has great family memories. The last time the boat was in the water was in the summer of 1978 on the Mississippi river. Since then the boat had been sitting on her original cradle and boat trailer in a machine shed on the family farm. In May of 2010 the boat was transported by flatbed to McHenry, IL where it was completely restored by Fox River Valley Boat Company. The summer of 2011 was Birchwood and Karen’s first year of boating. Since then the boat has won various awards through the years at various boat shows. In September 2016 this boat was given the honor of being on the cover plus an article in a national boating magazine called “Classic Boating”. The boat was never named so Karen choose "Birchwood" in memory of her late parents. Karen's late parents are always with her on this boat and this boat is a constant reminder of how wonderful her parents were and the fabulous childhood they gave her. When asked about the boat Karen always says: “I made a promise to my dad that I would take care of his boat. I that’s what I intend to do”

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1955 chris craft sportsman - 'Phil's Woody'
Owner: Phil Olson
Home Port: Palatine, IL



2003 Grand Craft Grand Sport Runabout - 'Irish Ayes'
Owner: Ross Lynch
Home Port: Lake Tomahawk, WI



2000 Streblow Custom v drive - 'Mare El lll'
Owner: Gary Huge
Home Port: Kirkwood, mo

Randy Streblow and The Huge family were close friends and took many vacations on our boat on Lake Michigan We worked closely with him on building this boat and it far exceeds our expectations. Streblows are one of the best built boats anywhere in the world.Period. End of story

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1958 Streblow Rebel - 'Rebel'
Owner: Eric Moberg
Home Port: Johnsburg, IL

Eric & Kathy’s 1958 Streblow Rebel 19’ is one of the oldest surviving Streblow inboards. It was purchased as a derelict in 1994 and was refurbished and returned to regular use by the Moberg family over the next 3 years. Since that time continuous additional steps have been taken to return it to original condition, with some guidance from the Streblow Boat Co. Most of the side and bottom planking is original. It is one of only two 19’ Streblows built in 1958, and has the original Cal Connell Cadillac Crusader 390 cu. in. engine, which was the most powerful engine available in 1958. Only one other Streblow used this engine. The Rebel is used regularly on the Fox Chain in Northern Illinois.